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MAGIC CHAOS now available for PC via Steam

Press release:
TOKYO – March 8th, 2024.
The Tokyo-based (Japan) indie games publisher Phoenixx and indie games developer SUPER STARMINE, are today very happy and proud to announce that their bullet-hell shooting party game “MAGIC CHAOS“, is now available for PC (Windows and MAC) via Steam today for $6.99.

Choose a charming challenger and command the combat zone with deadly determination! Outwit the competition and become the last girl standing in run-and-gun PvP matches of up to four in local multiplayer. Master each chromatic battlefield as one of eight heroines with extraordinary abilities, main skills, and switchable sub-skills for a distinctly cutthroat fighting style.

It’s every girl for herself in this rapid-fire twin-stick shooting spree! Double the chaos with Necromance’s missile duplication to overwhelm the enemy, or slow down the competition with Rabi’s frozen munitions and icy barricades. Ambush the competition and nimbly dodge attacks with Zophie’s teleportation, or absorb the strength of incoming attacks with Showdown’s cunning combat tricks.

Keep the other girls guessing by varying up plans of attack. Send dense barriers of slow-moving bullets to thwart incoming assailants or bombard them with quicker, difficult-to-dodge sniper rounds. Single out targets with concentrated shotgun bursts or opt for widespread damage in all directions with 360° barrages.

Make use of the surroundings in each arena to shield from incoming fire and trap opponents in a flurry of attacks. Maintain the advantage with skillful dodges while minding cooldown timers. Unlock new girls, attacks, and battlefields with each victory to become an all-around contender.

“MAGIC CHAOS takes the bullet hell genre, known for requiring precision and quick reflexes, and fuses in a battle royale spin,” says Machico, head of SUPER STARMINE.

“With party game elements and adorable girls bursting with confidence, individuality, and determination, we’ve made something fresh, fun, and highly replayable!”

MAGIC CHAOS is available now on PC and Mac via Steam for $6.99 with English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese language support. For more information, check out the Phoenixx official website, Facebook page, follow @Phoenixx_inc on Twitter, and join the party on Discord.

SUPER STARMINE is a Japanese indie game development team based in Tokyo consisting of university students. The developers at SUPER STARMINE have now entered the industry with the goal to fuse together the capabilities of technologies and entertainment. They are behind Necromance-chan, a bullet hell-meets-RPG adventure game with the character of Necromance-chan who is also in Magic Chaos.

About Phoenixx
Established in 2019 by industry veterans, Phoenixx aims to support innovative and creative developers from Japan and around the world. Its mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one creator, one game, and one community at a time.


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