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Miyazaki Interview about Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - Weapons, Difficulty, GRRM’s Involvement

The interviewer initiates the conversation by highlighting Elden Ring's remarkable achievement of surpassing 20 million copies sold globally within a year and earning numerous accolades. They inquire about Miyazaki's sentiment regarding this accomplishment. Miyazaki prefaces his response with an apology for its simplicity and expresses profound happiness.

He elaborates that their approach to game development revolves around creating what they personally find intriguing and valuable. The widespread enjoyment and appreciation of their games by players worldwide bring them immense joy and motivation.

Regarding Elden Ring's overarching theme of deriving a sense of achievement from overcoming challenges, Miyazaki notes its continuity from their previous works. The central concept of Elden Ring aimed to enhance this theme by introducing greater freedom to appeal to a broader audience. The expansive open field served as a means to realize this goal, which Miyazaki believes was successful.

Miyazaki emphasizes that the essence of game development lies in his aspiration to immerse players in specific experiences and emotions. He values collaborative input from other developers, acknowledging that constructive criticism enhances the quality of their work and fosters growth.

The interviewer then explores the fractured narrative employed in Elden Ring, to which Miyazaki explains his rationale. He seeks to allow players to shape their own stories through gameplay experiences, leaving room for interpretation and imagination. The process of piecing together fragmented elements enhances the overall enjoyment for players.

Transitioning to the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, Miyazaki reveals that initial contemplation began towards the end of Elden Ring's development cycle. Certain elements that couldn't be integrated into the main game inspired the idea of releasing them as downloadable content.

Miyazaki elucidates on the DLC's title, explaining the significance of the "Shadow Tree" depicted in concept art. The DLC unfolds in the Realm of Shadow, distinct from the Lands Between, with additional layers of meaning for players to discover.

Regarding the DLC's storyline, Miyazaki confirms the involvement of key characters like Miquella, whose trail players follow into the Realm of Shadow. NPCs serve as storytellers, delving into the past of the realm and Queen Marika.

When asked about George R. R. Martin's contribution to the DLC, Miyazaki clarifies that the DLC's narrative aligns with the mythos established in collaboration with Martin during the main game's development.

Miyazaki addresses player expectations regarding the DLC's size, assuring that it surpasses previous DLCs in volume and is the largest they've undertaken. The DLC aims to provide an experience akin to Elden Ring, featuring significant challenges, exploration, and discovery.

Regarding gameplay additions, Miyazaki mentions a new leveling system exclusive to the DLC and introduces new weapons, magic, and ashes of war, including entirely new weapon types.

The interview concludes with Miyazaki expressing gratitude for the Elden Ring experience and his desire to embark on similar projects in the future, driven by the joy and excitement of creating vast worlds and adventures.

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