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Unbelievable! Star Citizen Players Experience FPS Improvements

The ongoing development of Star Citizen reached a significant milestone this week as players were able to jump between different star systems for the first time. In a test server set up to evaluate the feature, players successfully utilized jump gates to travel between the Stanton and Pyro systems.

What are the Stanton and Pyro systems?

Stanton is the system where players have been immersed in gameplay on the live servers for an extended period. On the other hand, Pyro is the second star system that is slated to be integrated into the live build of the game in the future with alpha 4.0.

How does interstellar travel work in Star Citizen?

Players were able to navigate their ships between the two systems by flying through a gate. This marks the first time that players have been able to traverse between two star systems in the game.

The travel mechanism in the Star Citizen universe involves flying into natural wormholes, which serve as gateways between different systems. This breakthrough in gameplay opens up new possibilities for exploration and adventure for players within the expansive Star Citizen universe.

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